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Diabetic Patients









Jack Curtis, Granite Falls, NC

“When I started the program, my A1C was over 7, and my blood sugar readings were consistently over 180. After a few weeks, my blood sugars were often in the 90s and even in the 80s. My last A1C was under 6. I was skeptical when I started, but now I realize that my type II diabetes can be managed without medication.”

Milton Smith (Age 84) Grover, SC

“I came to see Dr. Valencic in July of 2013, and at first, was very skeptical. After my initial consult with him, I knew I was in the right place. When beginning care, my A1C was over 10 and I was taking 100 units of insulin/day. After 10 weeks, my A1C was 6.2 and my primary doctor had taken me off all my insulin. A little background on myself, I had been a diabetic for 61 years. I was diagnosed when I was 22 and coming out of the military. I told Dr. Valencic when I started that if he could help me, he could help anyone. What I will never forget is when he accepted me into his program he asked me what I wanted to be able to do. I had been trying to take a hunting trip to Wyoming for years but my primary doctor wouldn’t clear me to go. In September of 2013, I was cleared by my primary to make the trip; at 84 years old I was able to drive the entire way to Wyoming, have a successful hunt, and stop at Air Force bases on the way home to see old military friends. At this point, I look at Dr. Valencic as my doctor as well as family. His staff and family have been wonderful. I would recommend this office to anyone that is looking to make a significant change for the better in their life.”

Joanna Stockton, Fayetteville, NC

I am so happy that I went to the diabetic dinner. I learned so much that I wanted to know even more. Dr. Valencic is so smart when it comes to nutrition and holistic medicines. My goal was to come off as many medicines I was taking as possible. So far I am totally off one and cut my doses on two more in just a few months. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Also, the entire staff is wonderful and helpful!”

Kathy Agate. (Age 65) Boone, NC

“I started a journey with the help of Dr. Ryan Valencic in September 2013. At that time, I was having blood sugars over 170, and my A1C was 8.3. A few months before my readings were 141/7.2 so I knew I had to make changes, as I ate a lot of sugars and carbs. After seeing the results of my lab work, I couldn’t believe how many issues I had even though I didn’t have many outward signs. I gave up many foods that were causing problems and was supplemented with nutrients that were clinically shown to help the problems that I had. This, of course, was not easy, but I made a deal with Dr. Valencic to try two new foods weekly, a difficult task for a picky eater like myself! By March, I was off all meds, drank lots of water, learned to try new foods, and did a complete turnabout! I easily lost over 40 pounds, feel really healthy and my readings continue to fall! After a year, my readings were glucose 97 and A1C 5.3! I feel blessed to have learned so much about diabetes from Dr. Valencic, and I know I will continue to keep this disease under control. I am grateful to have made this journey and learned so much about diabetes and myself along the way, thanks to a very knowledgeable doctor.”

Dr. Brandon C., NC

“Carolina Integrative Health Care is simply top notch. I was so impressed by the staff’s competency, level of service, and compassion. The health care approach taken by the doctors is smart, logical, and cutting edge. Their message of hope and ability to produce real results is a welcomed change. I could not recommend this clinic more.”

Mitch Moreland. (Age 67) Charlotte, NC

“I have had diabetes for over 20 years. My wife spotted an ad in the Charlotte Observer for Dr. Valencic, and we decided to go to the dinner to check it out. We liked what we heard so I decided to make an appointment and go ahead with his recommended plan knowing that it would revolutionize my eating habits. I began the program the last week of January 2015 with a starting A1C of 8.3, and my weight was 230lbs. At my last endocrinologist appointment, my A1C was 5.9! The nurse practitioner could hardly believe it! I have also lost over 40lbs. I was also injecting myself with 120 units of insulin a day, and I am already down to just 10 units; I fully expect to be off the shots in the near future. I don’t cheat, and the numbers speak for themselves.”

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