Is type 2 diabetes a part of your life?
Is someone close to you suffering from it?

Did you know…

Type 2 Diabetes
can be Reversed.

You can travel an innovative and clinically validated breakthrough route that has assisted many patients with type 2 diabetes experience a reversal of their diagnosis.
Find the path to a better life, today!

Think how your everyday life would improve exponentially if you DIDN’T:

  • Have to rely on expensive pharmaceuticals and regular insulin injections to avoid dangerous ups and downs of your levels.

  • Feel distraction with the constant concern of blood glucose levels.

  • Struggle to expend enough energy to revel in family life and enjoy friends.

  • Deal with daily fear of the potentially devastating difficulties of this disease.

Having an understanding of what causes diabetes in order to work towards re-establishing total body health may feel insurmountable, but…

It’s possible.

Human beings aren’t baseball caps, and likewise, diabetes isn’t a one-size-fits all kind of condition. The best treatment for you is the one that takes your body’s needs into account.

Maybe you’ve heard this from a medical professional:

“It’s genetic. There was no way for you to stop this, and there is way for you to cure it now.”

“Now that you have diabetes, the best you can do is manage symptoms by changing your lifestyle and taking medications and insulin shots.”

“There is no way to reverse diabetes.”

If you’re a patient with type 2 diabetes, it’s time to discover a clinically established yet fresh approach. You may be able to reverse your condition and move towards a happy, healthy life!

Your type 2 diabetes diagnosis does NOT have to be a life sentence.

The traditional approach to dealing with diabetes is often very risky, uncomfortable, inconvenient, and generally ineffective.

Prescriptions and insulin therapy have many side effects and health deteriorations, temporarily changing lab results but never really treating the underlying symptomatic causes.

You may be misled.

Insulin therapy plus prescriptions may actually cause a progression of your disease, perpetuating insulin resistance.

In type 2 diabetics, it is less often a lack of insulin that is causing the patient’s inability to process sugars properly; rather, it is an inability of the body to utilize the insulin it produces effectively.

A Path for Catastrophe

Adding MORE insulin to the treatment plan as “therapy” may have an anti-therapeutic effect, aggravating the underlying causes of the disease.

In fact, high levels of insulin, as is the case when adding artificial insulin as a form of therapy, can be very dangerous to your health.

So, WHY choose to continue to flood your body with excessive insulin?

High levels of insulin can:

  • Cause insulin resistance to worsen.

  • Increase blood pressure level.

  • Shorten life expectancy.

  • Cause increased weight.

  • Heighten risk of developing certain forms of cancer.

  • Lead to cardiovascular disease.

Serious side effects – even death – is the potential.


Hope in a safer, more effective plan for treating and even reversing your diabetes.

Diabetics like you have been making life-controlling health changes – with amazing results.

Radically different – that’s our clinical approach to supporting diabetics.

Release the limiting ideas you’ve accepted up to this point surrounding your weight, dietary choices, genetics, family history, and fitness level.

You may be able to:

  • Reduce or even cease prescription dependency and insulin therapies – and save money for test supplies.

  • Increase energy levels in a natural manner.

  • Regain a sense of control over your health.

  • See new confidence in your body’s functional ability.

  • Watch the weight go down – without exercise.

  • Reduce risk of nerve damage development, heart disease, and premature death.

  • Enjoy life more without the weight of illness always present.

Our practice offers comprehensive testing, more than traditional basic lab tests.

Your customized plan will be based on your unique underlying causative factors, looking beyond the label of the disease with your detailed results.

Your health is important – and we’ll treat you that way.

You are an individual, and you deserve individualized care.


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Our Patients Conclude…

”After an introductory dinner, I first came to see Dr. Valencic in November 2016 for an initial consultation and started on the program the first of December with Dr. Riser. I had been taking insulin shots daily for two long years, and during that time it seemed that I was susceptible to almost every virus or bacteria that came along—having spent a stint in the hospital in the spring of 2016 with full blown pneumonia for the first time in my life. My A1C was 7.9, and it looked like insulin would be a permanent part of my life. Within three months on the program, I was off insulin shots and my AlC was a perfect 5.4. My regular doctor was dumbfounded! I no longer take insulin shots and have continually maintained this near perfect AlC average. I also find my immune system has now dramatically improved as well, with a renewed sense of well-being. My eating habits have forever changed, causing me to lose since the first of December of 2016 a whopping amount of weight—around 71 lbs. With six weeks to go and the new eating habits introduced by CIHC—bringing my meals into complete balance , I find my weight is still naturally dropping on a continual basis. CIHC showed me that in order to obtain real change, one has to have determination, dedication, and a made up mind–not only to get off insulin, but to make such permanent changes in one’s eating habits that it becomes a “lifestyle.” With six weeks still to go, my results have been better than I expected!”

– Mike Brown, Charlotte, NC